Best French Beauty Products


Best French Beauty Products

The French have always been known for their beauty products. As soon as I step on French soil I make a direct bee-line for the pharmaceutical stores. Like the golden arches of MacDonald’s, their green plus signs on every other corner make for quick identification.

Step inside and you will find coveted French beauty products which make impressive gifts for family and friends, not to mention a little something for yourself.  While you can buy most French beauty products in U.S. or online, it’s much more fun to shop for them abroad. Not to mention, they are less expensive and that’s before shipping and handling. Here are a just a few products I recommend you look out for on your next trip:

French Products to Buy When You are in France

1. Creme Fraiche de Beaute light by Nuxe, a light face moisturizer a light face moisturizer (pronounced “krem fresh.”) Oh my gosh…. it smells soo goooood. It’s named after a thick, smooth velvety cream that the French eat for dessert, which is a pretty accurate way of describing it, only without the dessert part. I love how light it is and how silky my skin feels after putting it on. My husband loves the smell. When he asks me what I am wearing at night, I tell him,”Crème fraiche, mon cher.” It leaves my skin feeling soft after I use it.

2. Eau De Beaute by Caudalie, tones and tightens pores. This product is inspired by the “elixir of youth” that Queen Isabelle of Brazil used to maintain her youthful glow. According to Caudalie, Eau De Beaut acts like a vitamin shot, infusing your skin with invigorating botanicals. Makeup artists spray it between foundation and powder to set their makeup for best results.  It adds a little dew and radiance.

3. Anthelios 45 by La Roche-Posay is an ultralight sunscreen for the face. The Mediterranean is known for its sunshine, so you can bet the French know a thing or two about formulating sunscreens. Leave it them to make one that’s full of antioxidants and super light. Also paraben free and noncomedogenic, Anthelios 45 is perfect for sensitive skin.

4. Huile ProdigieuseThis is a dry (miracle) oil that moisturizes your body and gives a slight hint of glow. You can use this on your face, body, and hair. Use it to tame your eyebrows or add a drop to your favorite moisturizer. Also great for split end repair.  I hear it comes in a gold-flecked version. Oooh, la la!

5. Time-Filler by Filorga is noted to be the best anti-aging cream. With collagen and hyaluronic acid to fill in those facial lines, a tripeptide to reduce wrinkles, a peptide to plump the skin, “this is one cream I’d recommend to anyone.

6. Sensibio H20 by Bioderma is one of the only makeup removers that actually plays nice with your skin. With ingredients compatible with the makeup of your skin’s cell membrane, it helps to rebuild natural emulsion, so it soothes and protects the skin instead of stripping it, like most harsh make-up removers.

7. Concentrated Lait Creme by Embryolisse. It’s a safe bet that French actress Audrey Tautou is no stranger to Concentrated Lait Crème. Not only is it a favorite of French women, but it’s also a favorite of professional makeup artists. A moisturizer moonlighting as a primer, makeup remover, and an aftershave balm, Concentrate Lait Crème will give your skin that little extra boost to even the most fatigued skin.

8. Phytodéfrisant Botanical Straightening Balm by Phyto. If you’re seeking the effortless (and frizzless) looks of Brigette Bardot, Carla Bruni, and Jane Birkin, look no further than Phytodefrisant Straightening Balm. The anti-frizz relaxing balm will have your tousled locks looking tres chic in no time. Apply before you blow dry to leave hair looking shiny and healthy.

9.  Shampooing sec extra-doux au lait d’avoine by Klorane Dry shampoo.  I’m not crazy about dry shampoos, so when I say I like this one, it means a lot. It doesn’t spray white powder on your hair the way other dry shampoos do. That earns it a permanent spot in my gym bag anytime.

Here you can find the best Pharmacies in Paris, France per reviews on Yelp.

I Love to find new french beauty products. Please comment below, would love to hear what your favorite french beauty products are.

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