I recently bought a new home with the walls already painted “white.” Apparently, there are many interpretations of the color “white.” This one was a very unflattering, dirty white with a yellowish tinge to it, and calling it crème would give it too much credit.

My living room decor is minimalist modern, so I set out to find my idea of the perfect color of paint. Who knew that finding that ideal white would be so difficult? We know what happens when there is too much yellow in it and if a white has a lot of blue undertones it can make the room look cold and sterile. Living in the Pacific Northwest, my goal was to create a very bright white room where the grey light outside didn’t make the room look cold. I found my solution in a can of Benjamin Moore, Chantilly Lace.

Here are some tips to help you find your perfect interior white paint.

    Narrow your choices of white paint down to three.

    Grab 3-4 swatches of the same color and hang on your wall together (so that it is bigger than just one swatch).

    Check the lighting in the daytime when it is sunny, check again on a cloudy day, and once more at night time to see if you think it’s the color you’re looking for.

    Once you have it narrowed down, buy a small sample and paint a section of your wall.

    Check again to see how it looks in the daylight when it is both sunny and cloudy, as well as at night.

Bonus tip: If you are painting white in more than one room, repeat this procedure in every room you plan to paint. Learn from my mistake. I was impatient and only painted one room; needless to say, it was the room that got the most light. I loved it!  However, when I painted my darker dining room, I hated it.  It was too cool of a white for that room. I painted that whole room, spent all that money and I didn’t really like it. I had to find a new color and paint the whole room over. Ugh!

After you find your perfect white, please let me know by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear your recommendations!

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