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When you don’t have meat in the house and need to fix dinner quick, meet the new meat.  Having canned jackfruit in your pantry comes in real handy. You can buy the whole jackfruit, buy fresh jackfruit  already cut up in your deli, or just buy it canned.

My first experience with jackfruit occurred when my husband and I traveled to Bali and saw this enormous tree-borne fruit. Jackfruit is capable of reaching 100 lbs! We had no idea what they were or how you ate them, all we knew was that they were really strange looking. That was over a decade ago.

I had never seen them in the states until recently in my local grocery store. They were so large, they made the bananas and kiwis look Lilliputian.  I wondered who was going to buy the jackfruit or why the store even decided to sell it.

Then I started seeing articles about Jackfruit being the new meat alternative. Although I was not seeking an alternative to meat, I found a new quick alternative to last minute dinners. I now keep canned  jackfruit in my pantry for quick dinners.

A Healthy Alternative

Even better, I found there’s more to jackfruit then just a handy meal. Jackfruit is actually rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber as well.  Jackfruit seeds are good sources of thiamine and riboflavin. These low-calorie seeds also provide small amounts of the minerals zinc, iron, calcium, copper, potassium and manganese.

Despite its name, the texture of jackfruit is more similar to chicken and pork than anything resembling a fruit. It’s been used as a meat substitute throughout Asia for many years.  The seeds are also edible and can be boiled or roasted. BTW: Do not eat raw, it can cause an upset stomach.


BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Healthy Vegan Sandwiches

Jackfruit Carnitas

Vegan Jackfruit Potpie

Vegan Nachos with Barbecue Jackfruit

Jackfruit Chickpea Stir Fry 

Loaded Sweet Potato Fries withBBQ Jackfruit & Red Cabbage Apple Slaw

Vegan Enchiladas with Jackfruit & Black Beans

Jackfruit Sweet Potato Curry with Spinach

Let me know if you try it and which recipe is your favorite by leaving a comment below!

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