Mexican inspired cocktail bar


Nothing screams summer quite like a backyard BBQ, except for maybe backyard BBQ with a little je n’ais se quoi. Adding chic décor details to your event will have your neighbors deciding whether or not they should be turning green with envy or begging for an invitation. Here are some tips for taking your backyard shindig to the next level.


When life hands me lemons, I make lemonade, and when I plan for a barbecue, I make life even sweeter by serving it with fresh raspberries in a pretty drink dispenser. If you’re using plastic cups, keep them in a wooden box or square basket so they look tidy and don’t fall over or blow away. Put a cute label on the front of the beverage dispenser so your guests know what they are drinking.

Fruit lemonade in beverage dispenser


Let’s face it, certain appetizers just don’t look very appetizing. When good food gets ugly, I serve it on top of a bed of fresh herbs. Sage, thyme, oregano and rosemary can all  give food that extra pop of color that makes them look more enticing  If they need toothpicks,  try these wooden skewers or bamboo knot picks for added elegance.

how to serve meatballs


If wine lovers are on your guest list, chances are they’ll want to know what they’re drinking. Show your wine savvy by serving your wine with hand-chalked signs that indicate which winery the wine is from. Consider placing a pretty floral or fruit arrangement next to the sign to give the wine table that extra polish.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to open several bottles and recork them before guests show up. Opening the bottles will allow the wine time to breathe. Recorking the bottles will make them look more presentable for when the guests arrive and you won’t have to worry about where the winer opener is.

Outdoor entertaining tips


Have you heard? Tablescaping is the new centerpiece. Create a dessert-tablescape by serving cute little cupcakes on mini wood stumps. Add a few edible berries or florals on top for some serious architecture!

cupcakes on wooden stumps

Think of a theme for your dinner party. Themes always add a little fun and give you direction when planning your décor.  Personally, I like this Mexican inspired one. Lay down a Mexican Falsa blanket as your tablecloth, and have your cocktails match your theme. Try a Mexican inspired cocktail bar.  Sangria, anyone? Salud!

Mexican inspired cocktail bar

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