We all know sugar isn’t healthy, but what if you knew quitting sugar would change your life in ways you never imagined? What if you felt and looked younger just by quitting sugar? Would you give up your favorite cereal (most likely it has sugar in it)? Easier said than done, I know. Kicking a sugar habit is challenging, even for the strong-willed. Here are 5 extraordinary ways quitting sugar will change your life forever.

Your Energy Skyrockets

When we eat sugar, a spike in blood sugar levels causes a burst of energy followed by an immediate crash, making you to feel sluggish and unable to focus. Our brains feel sluggish because sugar creates inflammation. Much like a drug addict, we crave more sugar in order to feel normal again. Your body now needs sugar to function. To avoid crashing after a sugar binge, eat fiber and protein along with the sugar to slow down the spike in blood sugar levels.

You Lose Weight Fast

When you cut sugar out of your diet, the pounds fall off faster than you may think. The more sugar you eat, the less ability you have to burn fat because your body is burning that sugar instead. Weight loss plans like the ketogenic diet eliminates all sugars, turning your body into a fat burning machine. Sugar and obesity are intrinsically linked as research has shown that consumption of sugar dulls the mechanism in the brain that tells you to stop eating.

Your Memory and Concentration will improve

Research shows that there is close connection between the brain and sugar levels. In fact, sugar’s addictive effect on the brain has proven to be more powerful than cocaine! According to a recent UCLA study, sugar “forms free radicals in the brain’s membrane, compromising our nerve cells’ ability to communicate”. This causes a “foggy” or “out of it” feeling. Gomez Pinilla F. says there are clear links between high fructose (sugar) consumption and memory and learning impairment. Bottom line…the sugar in our foods is brain damaging. Scary, right?

You Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cancer

In 2017 scientists had a breakthrough in finding a link between sugar and cancer. “Our research reveals how the hyperactive sugar consumption of cancerous cells leads to a vicious cycle of continued stimulation of cancer development and growth,” said researcher Johan Thevelein from KU Leuven in Belgium. Besides the implications the findings may have for cancer patients, for the rest of us, this study is one more piece of evidence about the dangers of excessive sugar consumption.

You Look Younger

Giving up sugar can lead to an overall more youthful look. According to gene expert Professor Cynthia Kenyon “Your supply of natural antioxidants goes up, damping down damaging oxidants. There’s a boost to compounds that make sure the skin and muscle building proteins are working properly.” Dehydration of the skin, dark circle under the eyes, outbreaks of acne, reduced elasticity and premature wrinkles are all symptoms of sugar intake.  Fortunately, research shows that quitting sugar can rejuvenate the skin and other visible signs of aging. Whew!

Hopefully this article has inspired you to cut down on or quit sugar all together. Going cold turkey can be tough, especially the first week but after that it’s smooth sailing. If your determined the cheat the sweets, check out my tips on how to make the switch to a sugar free diet easier in my post about the ketogenic diet.

Have you cut sugar out of your life? Tell us how you did it in the comments below.

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