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You may know the acupuncture as a way to reduce bodily stress, but what you may not know is what it can do to improve the fine lines in your skin. Although acupuncture began centuries ago as a key component of TCM, acupuncture facials have become increasingly popular as a way to achieve glowing, youthful skin today. Here are 4 ways that acupuncture can provide a beauty boost and make you feel better too.

Reduce Lines And Wrinkles

Say goodbye to Botox! By inserting these kinds of needles (acupuncture, not botox) into certain points in your face, acupuncture facials can stimulate collagen turnover, circulation, and elastin growth to reduce fine lines and smooth away deep wrinkles without injecting toxins.

Tightens And Tones

Yoga for the face?  Acupuncture facials builds amazing muscle tone which helps the face to naturally lift itself, sculpting the cheeks and jawline and even lifting the eyebrows. If only they had something like that for the other body parts!

Reduces Puffiness

Keep in mind that acupuncture is medicine, and as with any medicine, it heals the body. Acupuncture facials don’t just reduce puffiness on the surface, it actually addresses underlying health issues that often result in a swollen face or puffy eyes. The needles trigger a healing response locally and throughout the body to correct the problem from the inside and out.

Brightens The Skin

By stimulating circulation and collagen production, acupuncture facials can boost a dull complexion and keep the energy flowing through the body properly.

Not interested in spending more money on your already costly beauty regiment? Here is an article on how to give yourself an acupuncture facial at home. I know what you’re thinking – What could possibly go wrong here? –  but no worries…it’s a roller instead of needles!

Have you tried an Acupuncture facial? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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