Decorating for both Christmas and Hanukkah can be a challenging part of an interfaith household. Being from said household, Christmukkah is the way that I roll. Over the years, I like to think I’ve gained some expertise in putting a new spin on the dreidel, or at least picked up a few pointers here and there. How do you create a cohesive decor scheme that represents both holiday traditions? Here are a few easy ideas to help you make your all your Chrismukkah dreams come true.

Incorporate handmade clay Star of David ornaments your Christmukkah decor scheme.

Hannukah Tree

Without fail, my Jewish guilt gets the best of me when I find myself browsing the Christmas tree farm in search of what will be the focus of our home for the next few weeks, but once I top the tree with the Star of David, I feel somewhat redeemed. There’s just something about that crowning glory that makes everything seem right with the world. Check out these simple yet beautiful handmade ceramic Star of David ornaments with twine hangers to add to your tree. Decorate the tree in a blue and white color scheme to give it the tree a little extra Hanukkah vibe.

Winter Wonderland

Keep it neutral by focusing on a winter decor scheme rather than any specific holiday. Adding wintery elements to your home like birch logs, pinecones, candles and evergreen clippings. Combine natural tones with festive metallics to bring in the cheer to your interior.

Add Stars

Stars are significant symbolic motifs in both Christmas and Hanukkah traditions. I always like adding a little star power into my holidays. Check out these  Glitter paper Star Banners. Hang them on your tree or drape them across your mantle to bring a little magic to your festivities.

Celebrations of Light

Given that both Christmas and Hannukkah occur during the darkest time of year, the theme of bringing light into darkness is metaphorical as well as literal. Light is not only a symbol of hope but its also a lovely way to bring warmth and celebration into your home. Whether it be lanterns, fairy lights or candles burning in the menorah, decorating with lights makes any celebration joyous.

How do you decorate for Chrismukkah? Please leave comment below, would love to hear from you!

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