Modern Palm Springs House, Orange door
Tall, modern wind turbines form lines across the open space of the desert. In the distance, a town unlike any other in the U.S. sprawls across the Coachella Valley. Palm Springs sprang up from the desert and became a Hollywood haunt back in the 1920s. It’s a Mecca of mid-twentieth century architecture and, to this day, is maintained and reveled in. With bright colors in stark contrast against the barren desert landscape, The Palm Springs Door Tour has become popular among tourists and modern art and architecture enthusiasts alike. 
Yellow door, Palm Springs, CA

The Tour

The 3rd annual Palm Springs Door Tour takes place on two dates, Sunday, February 17 and Sunday, Feb 24. It’s a self guided bike tour so be sure to BYO-Bike. You can also rent bikes from Bike Palm Springs, available for pickup at the tour starting point. Beginning at the colorful Saguaro Hotel, you will ride through the Indian Canyons Neighborhood with it’s stunning 60’s – 70s modernist architecture. Check out our illustrated map to help guide you on your tour. 

Most of the houses have two grand doors in vibrant yellows, blues and oranges which serve as the centerpoint for the entire structural shebang. Adorned with chunky hardware and oversized house numbers in midcentury fonts, this is Instagram heaven! Check out these doortraits and post one of your own!

The Pink Door

Pink Door

The house with the pink door is so famous that they have their own  Instagram account. You can even buy collectible trading pins in their honor. Truth be told, the door only became pink in 2004. Before that it was a dreary brown. Good move on the owners part, except now they don’t allow viewers to take photographs.  Who can say…over it!!! We’re glad they kept the cotton candy pink color, however.

Palm Springs, Lion statues

Palm Springs Party Lions

Just 3 houses down, the Palm Springs Party Lions guard their doors with pink donuts around their necks. A stunning pop of color in contrast to it’s crisp white exterior. Discovered by the owner in Sikkim, India and shipped back to their residence in Palm Springs, the owners like to adorn the lion statues on this 1971 gem with a revolving parade of pool inflatables. 

Blocks Of Beauty

Stylish concrete walls forming geometric patterns exploded into the mid-century’s popular culture. Used mostly in commercial architecture, concrete screen blocks (also known as breeze and ornamental blocks) are popular features throughout Palm Springs. They are seen in decorative fences and walls that filter sun and wind and offer privacy. Popular destinations where the concrete blocks are used are at the Sandpiper in Palm Desert and Parker Palm Springs.“In Palm Springs, there’s a high architectural IQ, and these blocks are much loved locally,” says Ron Marshall, co-author of Concrete Screen Block: The Power of Pattern

Along with the residential homes, Palm Springs also has a selection of glamorous, retro hotels. Book one of the following during your stay and immerse yourself in the midcentury modern vibes of sun-soaked Palm Springs.



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Palm Springs Door Map

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