cover up gray roots quickly


I bought this gray hair cover-up months ago and left it in my bathroom drawer. I was afraid to use it thinking it would turn my hair a weird color or the color would drip off in the rain or snow. Finally, I gave it a try and I love it!! With just a spray, it gave my gray hair full coverage and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. The color blended in with my natural color and is a definite life saver in between trips to the beauty salon. It does wash out so you will need to reapply it every time you shower.


Loreal magic root cover up

Ammonia free, peroxide free, allergy free and no synthetic dyes!

Just spray and go.If you buy a shade darker and brush it down and it will give you an ombre look which I love. You can find this cover up in your grocery store or major chains such as Target.

Loreal Magic Root Cover Up

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