Could living with less make life more extraordinary? MINI thinks so! MINI LIVING has forged a new urban vision by combining creative use space with iconic design and fun living environments for all.

MINI/BMW has gone beyond the automotive to transform the way people live in cities. Going tete to tete with local architects, they designed four, 15-square-meter, Urban Cabins in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Beijing. Each cabin is distinctly unique and designed to maximize living in small spaces. For MINI LIVING, less space means more visionary urban dwellings for more people. What does it mean for us? Just look at these gorgeous spaces!

FreelandBuck, Photography by Laurian Ghinitoiu

Representing the left coast, the architectural firm FreelandBuck designed their own site-specific prototype in 2018, becoming the third installation in the MINI LIVING series. The temporary structure was built on the rooftop of an industrial building in downtown Los Angeles, just in time for the L.A. Design Festival.

FreelandBuck, Photography by Laurian Ghinitoiu

The center of the cabin is communal while both sides are flanked by residential domains. Bedroom on one end and the kitchen and bathroom on the other. The communal space “enhances the collective experience rather than focusing on just the needs of one occupant,” says FreelandandBuck.

FreelandBuck, Photography by Laurian Ghinitoiu

FreelandBuck looked to its SoCal roots for design inspiration. The color palette is reminiscent of pastel sunsets and hues of turquoise like the water of backyard swimming pools. We love the trellis-like aluminum beams that frame the middle room, bathing it with natural light. Three-dimensional graphic surfaces create kaleidoscopic effects, while a garden is suspended from the ceiling, further integrating nature into the interior. Everything feels light and airy and pastel and well…very L.A.

Since FreelandBuck launched its prototype, a new Urban Cabin has been design and constructed in Beijing, and eventually Shanghai. Maybe it’s our west coast sensibilities that come into play but we can’t help but to be drawn back to the rooftop of L.A.’s sun drenched Shangri La.

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