6 Healthy Desserts That Taste Delicious


So, is it me, or has there been an increase in the number of healthy dessert products out there? Last week, I couldn’t help but notice that the frozen yogurt flavors were looking even more appetizing than the ice cream flavors. I mean, like caramel crunch vanilla fat-free? Yes, please. Is there a coupon code if I buy more than one?

If there’s an obsession with healthy desserts lately, consider me one of the obsessed. I mean a girl’s gotta dream, doesn’t she? Since I discovered the concept of healthy desserts, no cookie, brownie, cheesecake and soufflé under 150 calories is off limits, and believe me when I say that I’ve tried a few lately that still have me looking for where the extra calories went.  Talk about eat this not that, you are going to be glad you made these choices. Here are some of my top picks for healthy desserts and a little bit about why they should be yours too.

Healthy Desserts Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake
Food Network|Photographed by Matt Amendariz

Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake

When life hands me lemons, I always say it’s time to make some lemon yogurt pound cake. Not only does this give any pound cake a run for the money in terms of taste, but it also has heart-healthy olive oil and protein-rich Greek yogurt to take the place of the butter. Egg whites are used to keep the calories, fat, and cholesterol to a minimum.

Healthy Desserts: Frozen Yogurt Dots
Food Network|Photographed by Matt Amendariz

Frozen Yogurt Dots

How’s this for a quickie? Made with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt, a serving of ten of these dots have only 50 calories and five grams of sugar. Super easy to make, you’ll never go back to gummy bears again!

Healthy Desserts: Peanut Butter Mousse
Food Network|Photographed by Matt Amendariz

Peanut Butter Mousse

Can life get any better? Who would have thought it was possible to eat a cup of peanut butter mousse with marshmallow fluff no less and still have room for dessert? (pun intended). The secret ingredient here is silken tofu. Add healthy, reduced- fat peanut butter and confectioners sugar and top with a dollop of marshmallow fluff, sit back and enjoy!

Healthy Desserts Broiled Banana Splits
Food Network|Photographed by Matt Amendariz

Broiled Banana Splits

Banana splits aren’t for kids anymore. Try topping a caramelized broiled banana with berries, toasted almonds, chocolate syrup and frozen yogurt for a healthy fruit-based dessert that you don’t have to share with your brother (or sister).

Healthy Desserts: No Bake Chewy Truffle Cookies
Food Network|Photographed by Matt Amendariz

No Bake Chewy Truffle Cookies

Is there too much of a good thing? If so, these cookies have it. They’ve got dates for natural sweetness, old fashioned rolled oats (none of that instant stuff here), natural peanut butter, unsweetened coconut flakes, heck, even the graham crackers in these are whole wheat. Stick em together with some honey, don’t bake, and enjoy!

Food Network|Photographed by Matt Amendariz

St Cupcake’s Vegan Cupcakes

No bones about it, Portland has been named the #1 vegan-friendly city in the country, so we had to include these yummy little cakes from our favorite local cupcake haunt. Moist vanilla, chocolate and red velvet vegan cake is topped with your choice of a traditional vegan vanilla buttercream, or fudgy vegan chocolate buttercream.

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