Being forty-something and fabulous has a lot of pluses that definitely outweigh the minuses. Personally, my workouts as of late have not been one of them. Once in a while I get bored and need a good kick in the tush to find a new exercise routine. Here’s what I’ve learned about the best workouts for women in their 40’s.


Ready to HIIT the ground running? How about some High-Intensity Interval Training? You know: the type of exercise where you do those crazy all-out workouts with rest periods in between that you wish were longer?  HIIT increases endurance, burns more fat than other types of exercises and keeps burning them after your workout is done for a longer period of time. I was a member at Orange Theory for a while. Ooooeee…talk about tush kicking!

HIIT is also a really good exercise hack. Since you burn so many calories so quickly, you can keep the workouts short.  That gives you enough time to channel your inner awesome while improving your cardiovascular function, cholesterol function, and insulin sensitivity.


Every chiropractor I’ve ever seen has told me to swim. It’s the best exercise if you have back pain. Swimming gives you a whole body cardiovascular workout that tones all your muscles while the buoyancy of the water also makes it easy on your joints.

Keep in mind though, swimming is a low impact activity so you may want to add some extra cardio to your workout.


With TRX, you can hang with the best of them! TRX training is suspension training, which means you do most of it hanging from cables suspended from the ceiling. Like pilates, it works on using your own body weight as opposed to regular weights to strengthen and lengthen muscles.

You can do almost any exercise on TRX, like crunches or planks, only the force of gravity makes it a lot more challenging. TRX is also a quickie workout, because of its intensity.  A set of your own straps will run you about $200 if you have space and set up.


Good news! The answer to your quest for good posture is over! Pilates is a core strengthening exercise where you balance your own weight against itself to improve your balance.  No aerobics necessary-toned muscles guaranteed.

Just make sure to get some aerobics in there somewhere, you’ll be doing a lot of precise moves and breathing techniques, but not too much cardio. Try putting in some time on the treadmill to get in your 30 minutes, five days a week. (recommended amount of aerobics).

Weight Training

Full disclosure, I don’t love lifting weights All that clinking metal and grunt work makes me want to bust out my leotard and Jane Fonda video. But seriously, my girlfriend who has a bod like she’s in her twenties? Yep, one hour of weight training class 4 days a week (religiously, I might add).

Weight training is not only good for burning fat, but it’s also great for the bones. When women use compound routines (ones that work for several muscle groups at the same time) it puts stress on the bones forcing them to become stronger. Compound movement in combination with reps is the perfect way to burn fat and maximize your fat burning system.















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