5 Best Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy Eating


I have to admit, I like the “idea” of cooking, but when it comes time to bust out my chefs apron and frying pan…not-so-much. Truth be told, I wish I could hire a private chef to cook for me or just buy takeout. But takeout gets expensive and it can be hard to find healthy options, and the chef, well…it’s not gonna happen. The one guilty pleasure that makes my time in the kitchen worthwhile, are the cool kitchen gadgets that I have invested in. Not only are they great for healthy cooking but you’ll love them so much, they will reduce the amount of unused gadget clutter in your kitchen drawers. It’s a win-win! Here are my top five go-to gadgets that are so worth buying, it will make your life in the kitchen more enjoyable.

5 best kitchen gadgets

Meat Thermometer  

Why do I love these trusty little thermometers so much? All you have to do is stick the probe into your protein, choose the type of meat from the options setting and set the alarm. It magically cooks to the correct temperature. Once done, the alarm goes off and you know it is ready. Easy peasy! I also love that you don’t have to keep putting the thermometer in to check the temp. It comes in an array of colors to choose from as well.

Herb Scissors

Instead of using a knife or kitchen scissors, try these herb scissors. You’ll notice the difference in how they cut the herbs super thin. Sometimes the tiny leaves get stuck between the scissor blades. If this happens, just use a butter knife and wipe each side of the blade to remove them. Again…easy peasy (love it!)

Lemon Reamer 

I thought a lemon reamer would just add clutter to my kitchen drawers from lack of use, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s amazing how often you use fresh lemons when you are into healthy cooking. These little wooden lemon reamers get every last bit of lemon juice out of the lemon. Plus, I just love the look of wooden kitchen gadgets. If you have to spend money on gadgets, they might as well be cute!


Not only can you get a fine zest from oranges, lemons and limes, but it has a ridge on the side to get wider zest rolls. Think curly cues for your cocktails!

Basting Brush

I don’t really use this basting brush to baste meat, I use it when I want a light touch of olive oil such as on homemade pizzas. I satay some garlic in olive oil and lightly brush it on my homemade pizza dough, or on vegetables. Because it is made out of silicone it is heat resistant (up to 482°) and the bristles don’t shed. And yeah, it is also great for basting meat when grilling.

What is the kitchen gadget you can’t live without? Leave a comment, would love to hear from yah!

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