Face it, skincare products containing artificial ingredients are becoming a thing of the past. Replacing old product lines with ones that embrace a new ethos seems to be a current trend. Simple, natural, eco-friendly ingredients means a healthier lifestyle for all. With more natural skin-care options on the market than ever before, shopping for new products can be dizzying. That’s why we turn, again and again, to what weI consider the “black pants” of natural skincare.

Malin + Goetz is our tried and true natural skin-care line, with face, body, and hair products for men and women (and now for your pooch too!). Known mostly for their approach to sensitive skin, all products are made without parabens and their fragrances are allergy-free. We have yet to find a product that we don’t love, and the fragrances from the Malin + Goetz Apothecaries are divine.


Product Picks

Eucalyptus Deodorant

One of the few au naturel deodorants we have found on the market that actually works, M + G’s body deodorant is aluminum free.  The fragrance and color are both natural and, most importantly, it doesn’t leave a nasty residue.

Rum Hand and Body Wash

Full disclosure, I love the way M+G’s typo-centric packaging looks in my all-white modern bathroom. I always have a bottle on the sink and in the shower. Rum is my favorite scent and it lingers on your hands and body after washing. Great for sensitive skin!

Grapefruit Face Cleanser

M+G’s Grapefruit Face Cleanser does wonders for a variety of skin types. The amino-acid based formula dissolves dirt, oil, and makeup. It prevents blemishes and exfoliates, leaving your skin soft, not tight and dry.

Detox Face Mask

M+G’s Detox Face Mask’s light, foaming gel deep cleans your pores without drying out your skin. The high-performing formula only takes five minutes to lift out dirt and toxins and lock in moisture. Just rinse away to reveal a clear, hydrated complexion.







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