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Living in a booze culture can make abstaining from alcohol difficult. Every social event seems to revolve around alcohol these days, from Wednesday night fun runs to art exhibitions. They even serve alcohol at the movies! For those of you wanting to abstain for health reasons, it can be tough. Often establishments put little thought into non-alcoholic options. Sorry, but not everyone wants to drink soda when out on the town. Thanks to non-alcoholic beverage companies like Seedlip, from the UK, non-alcoholic drinks are starting to gain popularity here in the good ol’ US of A. You can now find Seedlip in stores and bars across the US.

Dry January

The UK started a  public health campaign called Dry January, urging people to abstain from alcohol for the month. The trend has now extended to other months of the year. Bars in LA, Chicago and New York are starting to serve up some delicious and complex Mocktails using Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits.

3 Blends Of Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Garden 108, a bright and herbal blend of peas and garden herbs: peas, hay, rosemary, thyme, spearmint and hops

Spice 94, a rich and aromatic blend of spices, peels and barks: all spice, green cardamom, oak, cascarilla, grapefruit and lemon

Grove 42, a complex and zesty blend of citrus and fragrant spice: bitter orange, blood orange, mandarin, lemon, ginger and lemon grass.

Simply serve with tonic or create sophisticated mocktail.

sMocktails with Seedlip

Garden Sour

Seedlip Garden: 50ml/1.8oz
Cloudy Apple Juice: 35ml/1.2oz
Lemon Juice: 15ml/0.5oz
Cider Vinegar: 5ml/0.2oz
Sprig of Rosemary & Thyme
Dash of Sugar & Egg White

Shake all ingredients, yes including the egg white, and shake. Beautiful!

More Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirits

A lot of other non-alcoholic distilled spirits are also being made in the UK but not yet distributed in the US.

Ceders is a non-alcoholic beverage offering flavors of gin. Choose from Ceder’s Classic, Ceder’s Wild and Ceder’s Crisp. You can purchase this product online and have your order shipped to the US. This place ships Ceders worldwide

Want a non-alcoholic vodka? Yeah, so do I. Im hoping that Stryyk’s Not Vodka will start distributing to the US. Stryyk also offers Not Rum, made with cloves, oakwood and grapefruit and Stryyk Not Gin, combines juniper, rosemary and basil.

Are you a beer lover? Okay, not a distilled spirit, but since there are a lot of cocktail recipes with beer out there lately we thought we would include this. The US has been selling non-alcoholic beers for years but Heavenly Body, a golden wheat non alcoholic beer, seems to be a current front runner contender in taste,

Cheers for this new healthy movement! Let’s hope that US companies start distilling their own non-alcoholic spirits as well.

Do you have a favorite mocktail? Please share with us in the comment section below!

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