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If you haven’t heard of Kimberly Synder, CN, you should, she is well known in the health industry and has talked on countless TV shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show. She is also a nutritionist to several celebrities such as Mara Rooney and Reese Witherspoon. How did I not read her book, The Beauty Detox Solution, years ago? It’s still relevant and on par with current health trends.

Eat Alkaline First

Okay, the tagline of the book is what grabbed me, “Eat your way to radiant skin, renewed energy and the body you’ve always wanted.”   I think most of us know what we should eat and what we shouldn’t to stay healthy. But there were things in her book that I hadn’t thought of and just made sense. I liked this beauty tip she gave on getting your dream hair. “Until we work to alkalize and cleanse out some of our internal blockages, we cannot completely absorb the minerals present in our food or specific supplements.” Light bulb moment!  That totally makes sense.

Glowing Green Smoothie

I read her book from front to back. The back of the book gives a radiant beauty sample weekly menu. I’m not going to lie, this is some serious clean eating. Even if I am not partaking in the weekly menus, I still have my go-tos that I frequently make. My favorite all time from her book is what she calls the “Glowing Green Smoothie.” I was honestly scared to try it the first time I made it. But it was surprisingly good and clean tasting. I now make this often and it’s such a great way to start the day. I have renamed this smoothie the “Salad Smoothie.” When you check out the recipe in her book you will know why.

Tummy Issues

For those of you with tummy issues, Kimberly talks about beauty food pairing any how it affects our digestive systems. What foods work well together and which ones don’t. It’s a new rule I am trying to follow.

Kimberly Snyder just came out with a new book, Recipes For Your Perfectly Imperfect Life. I can’t wait to try it! Have you read the Beauty Detox Solution? What’s your favorite recipe to make? Please leave comment below. 

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