You Are Going To Be Fine Mural


The City of Angels is also the city of a thousand murals. So many of LA’s buildings, bridges and walls are adorned with murals in various styles and influences as diverse as it’s population. The artwork reflects life in Los Angeles and has become a part of the city’s landscape. Tara and I recently took a quick trip to LA for art and design inspiration. Instead of making the usual stops at Moca and The Broad, we and found ourselves trudging up and down the streets of LA’s neighborhoods, discovering stunning murals at every turn. Here are 10 beauties we just couldn’t resist sharing with you.

10 Magnificent Murals in L.A.
Robert Vargas | DTLA
Graphic buildings of ROW DTLA
Lakwena Mural | ROW DTLA
You Are Going To Be Fine Mural
Leta Sobierajski | Row DTLA
Abbot Kinney Mural
Pipled, Abbot Kinney
Abbot Kinney Mural
Alex Yanes | Abbot Kinney
Venice Mural
Rip Cronk | Venice Beach
LA Arts District Mural
Peter Greco | Arts District
@steveespospowers. Silverlake
Steve Powers | Silverlake
David Gilmor Mural, Koreatown
David Gilmore | Koreatown
@kelseymontagueart. Abbot Kinney, Venice
Kelsey Montague Art | Venice

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2 thoughts on “10 MAGNIFICENT MURALS IN LA”

    1. Thank you! There are so many amazing gems to be found! These are just a few of them. I had never taken the time to really appreciate how amazing the street art is in LA!

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