Matter Matters


Known for playful, geometric shapes and a punchy color pallet, graphic designer, Flora Leung, launched Matters Matters in July 2013. Leung’s influences are the same Art Deco, Bauhaus, and post-modernism aesthetics of 1980s design icons, the Memphis Group. The originality of her design has brought Matters Matters critics’ acclaim and commercial success, with coverage in just about every lead fashion magazine out there. I love seeing talented designers getting the attention they deserve! 
Matter Matters
Matter Matters
matter matters
We just can’t get enough of the Mini Trapezoid Belt Bag and Satchel Bag. Their boxy shapes and geometric details are delightfully playful, yet modern and clean. “We merge different materials and colors, creating simple geometric silhouettes that are seldom seen in handbags and wallets,” says Leung in Icon Magazine.


matter matters

Matter Matters

Pythagoras’ Shoulder Bag is one of Matter Matters signature styles. With an unusual right triangle shape and a chunky brass chain, this bag has a post-modernist feel that goes beyond being just an accessory. Matters Matters handbags are artful, colorful, and downright amazing! Be sure and check out their other products, including jewelry, clothing, and scarves.

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