Now that summer is here, it’s time to get in touch with our inner earth goddesses and become one with nature. Spending time outdoors and tending to our plants and gardens can be fun with a few well-designed gadgets. Here are 7 modern gardening tools that are getting the big green thumbs up from us this summer.

1. Orte Gardening Set

Tinker toy or modern garden set? You guessed it! This minimal set is comprised of a hoe, rake, and shovel made of polished metal with a cleverly designed wooden base for easy storage. The Orte Gardening Set has made my garden my playground.

2. Garden Glory Hose

 OMG! Who said all hoses have to be green and clunky? When I first saw the Garden Glory hose, I was tempted to wear it as an accessory! Not only does it come in pink!!! (rusty rose garden) and powder blue (Caribbean Kiss) – the Gold Digger deserves to be bought for its name alone- it’s also made of the highest quality PVC and is lead, phthalate, and cadmium free, which means it’s safe enough to drink from (only the best for our sweet peas).  Plus, all Garden Glory products are coordinated to match each other and the leopard print nozzle is to die for!

3. Orla Kiely Potting Gloves

We love with these Striped Tulip Potting Gloves from Orla Kiely.  The emerald grim trimmed 100% cotton canvas garden canvas just scream 1970’s curtain fabric and give new meaning to the word garden accessory.

4. Korbo Baskets

We couldn’t resist this old time Swedish Korbo basket with a hand construction technique that screams good taste but in a very understated way. These wire baskets originated in the 1920s in Sweden and have used the same hand construction technique for eighty years. They’re available in solid brass, solid copper and acid proof steel -but not your mama’s acid-proof steel. This acid proof steel contains precious metals to make it 100% stainless, guaranteeing shine and luster throughout the years.

5. Gro Watering Can

The Gro Watering Can by Hallgeir Homstvedt is Cylindrically Minimalist. This bright green gardening machine is made up of three cylinders. Inspired by the manufacturer’s own need for an office watering can, the Gro really gets down to business when it comes to keeping your garden hydrated.

6. Mini Mod Hod

If you’re looking for a gardening basket, the hod is in the hood. This mini version of the popular Mod Hod original is perfect for small harvests, picnics, groceries and more. Plus, it’s so darn cute, I want to carry my tiny dog around in it. It’s good for watering crops right in the garden, rather than the kitchen sink – no more mud, plus its propylene mesh won’t bruise fruit easily.

7. Barebones Scissors

Don’t wait to get your hands on these bad boys. If Scissors by Barebones are good enough for Dwell Magazine then they’re good enough for us! Inlaid with walnut for comfort, these scissors have stainless steel tips to help you tackle your toughest gardening.


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