If your a candy lover like me, you will be crushing on this scrumptious collection of blown glass by Copenhagen-based designer, Helle Mardahl. Brightly colored, shiny glass surfaces entice and delight like giant pieces of candy. Based on the designers childhood memories of old confectionary stores, Candy Collection is reminiscent of the sweets found in glass containers, known as bonbonnières. “My Candy Collection is filled with possibilities engaging all senses. I wish for a sight to behold and cherish, where every piece is unique and one-off,” says Mardahl.



The appeal of her work is that each hand blown piece is unique, imperfections are welcome, resulting in natural, blob-like forms in vibrant colors. Lidded jars in shades of bubblegum pink, honey-colored pendant lights and art objects reminiscent of jelly beans create an array of rainbow confections. We love the way these wonky objects look when placed together in groupings. There’s an intrinsic beauty to Candy Collection that is both fragile and flavorful!

The collection features designs in a variety of shapes and sizes, based on the different sweets that might be found in a confectioner's glass containers, known as bonbonnières. Mardahl hand blows each one and, rather than creating perfect spheres and ovoids, she allows them to take on slight imperfections so that each one is unique. This results in natural, blob-like forms in vibrant shades of orange, blue, pink and pale yellow, reminiscent of "delicate and delicious" jelly-beans and bonbons. When illuminated, they give off a soft glow.



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