Ahaha mineral hand cream review


AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream is my favorite summertime hand cream. I have introduced many-a-friend to this nourishing, luxurious cream. What do we love about it? It absorbs instantly so your hands feel silky-smooth, not sticky. Sticky mitts? Bleh! Not my jam. This weeks Product Love will sooth your skin all summer long.

Skin From Within

Based in Israel, AHAVA’S key ingredients are nutrient rich, Dead Sea water and smoothing Witch Hazel. The phenomena unique to this formula is that it draws moisture and nutrients from from the depths of your skin to the outer layers where it is needed most. AHAVA’S products literally activate your skin from within. Could this be why my hands feel immediately hydrated and soft upon application? Whatever magic is at work in this potion of goodness, this product rises above all other hand creams.

For those of you who have wicked dry skin, you have got to give this product a try! Perhaps you too will find your inner skin from within!



Paraben free and Vegan

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