Girlfriend Weekend at Smith Rock, Oregon


Among the top Instagram-worthy places in Oregon, Smith Rock boasts spectacular basalt cliffs and river canyons commonly found in southern Utah. This geological wonder is a popular attraction with day-trippers, including hikers, climbers and photographers. So what do we do on a girls weekend getaway? A photoshoot of course! Lucky for us, BFF and fellow blogger, Tara Haney, is also a professional landscape and wedding photographer.

Photoshoot at Smith Rock

Kayla at Smith Rock

Armed with Tara’s Canon Mark III and our favorite kimonos from Spell and the Gypsy Collective, Anthropologie and Lovestitch, we scouted out the perfect locations for our shoot. Gal pal and social media buff, Kayla Vera, donned her signature, long dark locks and got a few photography tips to boot.

Kayla and Kelly at Smith Rock

Tara and Kelly Smith Rock

Growing up in Washington State, Tara and I always dreamed of starting a creative business together. Thirty years later, we find ourselves south of the boarder (Washington that is), Tara, a talented photographer and I, a fine artist and graphic designer. We combined our super powers and vualah! This blog was born. It’s so inspiring to watch a friends creative path unfold and better yet, to share it collectively.

Tara, Smith Rock

Kelly, Smith Rock

As you can imagine, Smith Rock is a popular destination for those headed to the altar. Specializing in fine art wedding photography, Tara Francis Photography is located just 35 minutes from the park in Bend. Tara’s beautiful photographs have an artistic aesthetic and soulfulness that can only be created through film. I have learned through her experience that film captures the quality of light in a way that digital doesn’t. No matter the amount of post production that I do, my photographs never look as stunning as hers. Check out these beautiful photos and see for yourself, all shot with film.





Written by guest blogger Kelly Kerwick, most photography by Tara Haney

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