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Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza Recipe

Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza Recipe

I’m sure all of us have been hunkering down at home, looking for some comfort where we can find it. For myself, I have always liked the idea of cooking but usually not the actual chore of it. In these times, I am finding myself in the kitchen often, looking through cookbooks and pondering what else I should make. In the past, I found I had little time for cooking and found myself irritated that I had to waste my precious minutes preparing food for dinner. Now I see new enjoyment with rolling out the dough, cutting up the garlic into fine slivers, and the constant checking to make sure it doesn’t overcook.
I have my repertoire of recipes that I repeatedly make. Here is one of them, which my whole family likes, even my picky 15 year old. I first had this pizza at Jackson’s Corner in Bend, Oregon. I thought the combination was unusual, but I was instantly smitten. I haven’t seen it on their menu since, but I think mine comes close to one I had there years ago. This is a recipe where you don’t need to measure the ingredients, and once you have made it, you will never need to look up the recipe again.

Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

Rustic pizza dough seasoned with nutty olive oil and slivers of garlic with a blend of gruyere and mozzarella cheese. Thin slices of prosciutto and then finished of with peppery leafy arugula .

Recipe for Prosciutto and Arugula pizza

how to make prosciutto and arugula pizza

Grocery Store List

1 pizza Dough

Olive Oil


Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Gruyere Cheese


Arugula (which has a tangy, peppery taste)

Cooking Instructions

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Roll out the pizza dough on floured surface as thin as possible.

Saute garlic in olive oil on stove top

Using a baster brush,  brush olive oil on  rolled out pizza dough

Cook for 15 minutes

Brush more olive oil on pizza dough

Put the already salted garlic on the pizza dough

Spread  grated gruyere cheese all over pizza dough

Break apart fresh mozzarella into smaller pieces and drop evenly on pizza dough

Cut prosciutto to thin slices and place on pizza dough

Bake for another 15 min till dough is cooked through and cheese is melted

After you take out of oven, pile arugula on top, when you see it wilt, toss it again so top layer can wilt.

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prosciutto arugula pizza recipe

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