Best secret beach Oahu

Best Secret Beach on Oahu | Waimanalo Beach

On the island of Oʻahu in Hawaii, located on the eastern end of the island, the beach is wide, sandy, and makes for excellent swimming, sunbathing, or taking long walks on the beach. Waimanalo Beach Park is a thirty-eight-acre park. For some reason, there are not a lot of tourists at this beach, which makes it the best-kept secret on Oahu. The sand is soft and white, and the blue on a sunny day becomes bright turquoise. From the shoreline, you can see the Koolau Mountains that are not far off in the distance. Farther down the beach, Ironwood trees stand in groves.

Waimanalo Beach

Best beach Oahu

You can get to this beach either at the Waimanalo Beach Park on the south end or by the Waimanalo Bay State Recreation area near the north end. Stop by Waimanalo Shima’s Supermarket for their Poke bar. At least 15 different Poke’s to pick from for your beachside picnic. I like to put Poke on multi-grain everything cracks by Crunchmaster.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

Shallow sandbar at the water’s edge provides sound waves for bodysurfing and bodyboarding.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, also known as Sherwood Forest, is flanked with Ironwood Trees. The 74-acre Sherwood Forest will soon be developed and include the creation of hiking trails, a parking lot, and a multipurpose field.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

Even the discarded old fishing nets take on artistic quality, lying in hues of reds, pinks, and bright teal greens.

Washed up fishing line

Waimanalo Bay

Another gorgeous morning


Three miles of pristine soft, white sand to walk and admire the turquoise ocean and the cloud cover come in. All the colors take on a pastel quality, soft tan sand, milky waves, pastel blue ocean with pinky skies above. This is why this beach is one of the best kept secret beaches on Oahu.

Storm Coming In

The sky clears up for a beautiful sunset.

Sunset Waimanalo Beach

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Best secret beach on Oahu, Hawaii | Happy Go Luxe

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